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If you find any programmes available to download anywhere on the net which do the same job as these programmes which are better and cheaper let us know and we will replace them with a link.

TEFL CALL PROGRAMMES: Here is some information about two programmes we have made to help students with irregular verbs or "the first certificate" Although they are humble dos programmes without pictures or fancy animation they are useful and are very easy to use.


Brief Description: A tool to help students learn the irregular verbs in as short a time as possible. All files are self extracting

Remember to copy the file you download to a new directory before you run it
Download no sound demo version 188kb
Download demo version with sound, 518kb (designed for Spanish users)
Download demo version with sound 515kb (all English version)
If you have any problem with the files send us an e-mail.
If you don't know what a self extractor is Read this FAQ on self extracting files.
All these files have been tested with the most up to date anti-virus software.
If you want to download a very reliable shareware anti-virus programme click here.

Longer description: There are two sections, learn and test. In the learn section the students see a lists of infinitives graded according to level. When they choose an infinitive, the past and participle appear on the screen accompanied by my voice saying them.

In the test section the student must write the past and participle of the verb . For an added bit of conditioned response reinforcement, you hear encouragement if you get the answer correct and laughter if the answer is wrong. You can see your score during the tests and you are shown a list of your errors at the end. The students can also print lists of the verbs if they want to get away from the computer. You can choose to see help and instructions in either Spanish or English. The printed verb lists comes with a one word translation of the verbs in Spanish. Using a simple text processor the teacher can change this to any language. The no sound demo version comes with a sound tester so that you can see if the sound would work if you had the sound version.

Technical Info. Runs under dos. Soundblaster /Gravis ultrasound compatible.


Download here 120kb (exe). Fully functional version (free)
Remember to copy the file to a new directory before you run it.

This is a very simple programme based on a multiple choice test (the same as you find in the section A of the first certificate exam.) There are 90 questions which practice 360 lexical items.

When the students choose an incorrect answer they are given information as to why their choice is incorrect. It is specially designed for Spanish students of English.

Technical info. Runs under dos. Size 120 kb
All files here are self extracting. If you want an explanation of how to deal with self extracting files .Read this FAQ on self extracting files.
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