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Why advertise on the Internet?
Why advertise on ClassicWeb?
Advertising rates
What to include
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Why advertise on the Internet?

  • Your advertisement on the Internet can be read by anyone, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day! At present, about 40 million people have Internet access, and that figure is growing at the rate of 1 million a month!
  • Internet advertising is inexpensive. Compare our yearly rates with how much you would pay a month for press advertising.
  • Internet advertising can be used to supplement other advertising. Include your Internet address in your press advertisements or brochures, so that your customers can obtain extra details or last minute news.
  • Its fast! Your advertisement is placed on the Internet within several days of reception. If needed, it can be quickly changed to reflect the latest up to date information you want your customers to know.

    Why advertise on ClassicWeb?

  • ClassicWeb makes it easy. You do not need to know anything about computers or the Internet as we can take care of all the technical details. Just send us your text and full colour graphics, photos - whatever you want - and we will create professional looking World Wide Web pages for you. We are the experts - just leave it to us!
  • ClassicWeb makes sure that your advertising material is seen. It would be possible for you to place your advertisement on a local server, but it would probably not be noticed among the millions of pages currently available on the World Wide Web. However, ClassicWeb provides a well organised classified and comprehensive directory of classical music pages as well as topical information such as music employment listings. This is a free service to the Internet music community and it means that musicians, students, and music-lovers regularly visit our pages and then your pages too!
  • ClassicWeb is fast! Our server (located in Texas, USA) has a high-speed link into the Internet, able to transmit your advertising material anywhere in the world, literally within seconds!

    Advertising rates

  • First page: ESP 25000 ptas (about 130, DM 295, FF 1000, US$200) for up to one year.
  • Additional pages: 5000 ptas (about 26, DM 59, FF 200, US$40).
  • Updates: between 1000 and 5000 ptas, per page, depending on how much is changed
  • A page is defined as the amount of material that could be fitted on an A4 (21cm by 30cm) printed page, not using fonts smaller that 12 point. Above prices include IVA.
  • If you want to design your own pages, then we can store them on our server for only 6000 ptas per Mb per year
  • You do not need to send any money now, we will invoice you. Contact us now!
  • We accept payment by Visa Mastercard and bank transfer

    What to include

    We recommend including as much material as possible. This will allow you maximum publicity as well as save you time answering telephone or written queries etc. For example:

    Festivals, Workshops, Masterclasses, Summer Schools etc.

  • Full programme details.
  • Artist biographies.
  • Sound recordings (on cassette/cd) of instruments
  • Photos and graphics - in colour if possible.
  • Your address and telephone/fax numbers.
  • Accommodation information.
  • Dates and deadlines.
  • Price and payment information.
  • Application forms. These can be printed out by the viewer and posted directly to you.
  • The expiry date of your advertisement if you do not want it shown for a whole year.

    Dealers, Makers, Repairers, Manufacturers etc.

  • Photos and graphics - in colour if possible.
  • Price lists and payment information.
  • Your biography, company history.
  • Press reviews, recommendation from well-known artists.
  • Sound recordings (on cassette/cd) of instruments
  • Your address and telephone/fax numbers.
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